When a guy worries about you, is it a sign he’s into you?

At work, there’s this co worker that I feel is attracted to me but I’m not 100% positive because no confessions have been made. However it seems he is always trying to get my attention or speak to me about just small things when he can. The day before yesterday I had to close and then yesterday I opened bright and early and then also came back and closed again. When he saw me the second time and I told him my schedule, he got super intense. He was telling me to “Go home” repeatedly, like not giving it up. On the Walkie I asked where they wanted me and he told me face to face that I needed to not go up to the registers but go home and sleep. THEN, while I was cashing someone out, he came up to me (he was off I guess), he waited for me to be nearly done and he told me with the customers there that it was illegal and I really needed to go home but there was something about his look, he just seemed so concerned like genuinely? Its like he cared more about it than I did.

How does he care when we’ve only talked a couple times here and there? If he even does?


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