Why did he unmatch me on Bumble?

We have been dating since a month and a half but nothing exclusive yet. We hung out like 3 days a week. We haven't had sex either, yet as we agreed on it til being exclusive. I went on a vacation for 15 days so we haven't seen each other since 20 days and we texted each other. when i came back i texted him and asked how he is doing if he would like to meet, he said sure but he is very sick and he ppans to stay in and he will text me before he leaves for PA to visit his fam for Christmas. I said sure, and i checked his bumble but he was not ar home at all and he was out all day all weekend.

Then today i saw he unmatched me. I am wondering what’s his deal after 2 months f meeting and a month or abut 5 weeks of seeing each other and doing activities.
Why did he unmatch me on Bumble?
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