How do I find and date REAL christian girls?

By real christian girls, I mean ones that aren't catholic, and that are rather conservative in their values (like no sex before marriage and conservative in politics mostly). I know, it's like finding a unicorn.

I know a few christian girls like that, but they're always either ignoring me or they're taken, even the desperate ones that go flirting with tons of guys ignore me.

It confuses me. Is there something extraordinarily different about these girls that would be screwing my chances up?

I've had non-christian girls try to ask me out before, so it's not like I'm repulsive.

I'm just kinda pissed off how I can succeed at everything at life except dating, and seemingly at no fault of my own.

Have you dated a christian, conservative girl? Was she different or similar to other girls? How so? How did you find each other? How did you succeed? Did you enjoy the experience?

Are you the kind of girl I described?
How do you determine if a guy is worth your time or not? What would you say is different about you as opposed to other girls?

How do I find and date REAL christian girls??
How do I find and date REAL christian girls?
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