When a guy says he doesn’t feel chemistry what dose it mean?

So I met s guy online 3 weeks a go. We started to chat and find each other attractive. But he lives in another city.
After couple of days of chatting and talking on the phone he told me he wants to come to see me.
I accepted because we had a good connection. And sexually attracted. We already had a phone sex.
We agre to spend a weekend together. And decided to meet at his hotel. Long story short, 10 minuets to our first date we started to make love and he didn’t let me get out of the bed for 3 days.
But after he returned home he sent me an email that he doesn’t think that long distance would work for us because of lack of chemistry!!!
the question is how can you spend 3 days in bed making love with someone without chemistry?


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  • Thats sounds like complete crap. I have not had chemistry becore, but then I certainly wouldn't want to spend 3 days making love over and over.
    Though I will say some guys cabt maintain a reall connection when sex happens too quickily.

    • That makes sense. It was too fast and to much. And I told him this before his trip but he didn’t listen.

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  • "Lack of chemistry" is another phrase for losing attraction to someone. He's not into you after 3 days of making love.
    It sounds like he got what he wanted, and decided to give that excuse. What kind of guy spends that many days with a girl in bed... without any chemistry? Doesn't make sense.


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  • It means, he doesn't actually get chemistry as a subject, or you know, it could just mean he doesn't like you, only one who knows is him

  • That he doesn't feel passion for you. I don't know what else that could mean.

    • But can you sleep with someone for 3 days straight without passion?

    • Sadly, yes... Sex is mechanical. Making love is emotional.

    • He must not have been making love to you

  • Accidentally deleted


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