When a girl tells you what her work schedule is like?

So I asked a woman on my street to get together sometime, she said sure. Not only that but she told me what days she works, and gave me her number when I asked for it. I called last night and it rang several times before going to voicemail. I left a short message and haven’t heard back from her since. When do I call again? Do I avoid her outside? Was it a good thing that she told me what days she works?
I’ll probably call tomorrow or look for a chance encounter outside. If not, text her Merry Christmas, and if nothing happens go over to her house on like Wednesday and say I would have called to ask you out, but my phone is broken. Let’s get together Friday night. Worse comes to worse, I’ll ask her point blank why she ignored me after being nice. I don’t want to be rude to her or her family when they go to visit, but there’s no law that says I can’t turn and walk away when someone says hello.


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  • You agreed to hang out sometime, but you're surprised that she told you her work schedule?

    Don't you think she wants you to know when to call her, because it'd be easier to arrange something that way?

    • Dude I don’t know. A few minutes after I asked her to get together sometime, in the middle of the conversation she said she works M-F. 99.99999% of all the women I’ve talked to were on dating sites.

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    • I don’t know what’s normal or not.

    • But, just use logic 😀 This shit is really not that hard, don't overthink it.

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  • try harder, but not too much or she'll get annoyed.
    if she told you her schedule that mean you still have a chance?
    or maybe she changed her mind and cut You off completely.

    • I can’t see how or why she would change her mind, I mean she moved in at the end of the summer. Why say yes then ghost me when it could make for extreme awkwardness anytime we see each other outside? I introduced myself to her and her family, talked about the area, gave her a house warming present a few weeks after she moved in, and even shoveled her sidewalk and driveway when she was gone for a week (over a foot of snow). I know women change their minds all the time for zero reason, but why do it to a guy you may potentially see several times a week for years?

    • errr i think you did too much for her already.
      just wait until she call back. or ask her when you meet her again.

  • she is busy but wants to meet up with you. find a time that she is available, that you are available, in a few days time and lock her in;)

    • up to you, but if you have left a message your phone isn't broken.

      just be patient. don't rock up on her doorstep or accuse her of ignoring you. she told you her work hours a) so you could contact her/meet her around them and b) so you would know how busy she is.

  • It sounds like she wants to see you. She gave you her schedule so you could plan a date with her

    • How long do you wait to call a second time if no response the first time?

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    • Lol I forgot it was Christmas. Text her merry Christmas but I would wait until after the Christmas weekend to try and set up a date. But the unassuming merry Christmas text could bypass the awkwardness and open up a conversation just don't force it.

    • Ok. The main thing is yeah I know trying to be more than a friendly neighbor with the woman next door is hit or miss. The last thing I want is any awkwardness of any kind. See a walked over to her house this past weekend. We chatted and I asked her to get drinks or something. She said what she does for a living, and just that she works Monday- Friday and I assume an 8-4 type job based on when she goes to work. For the past four days I’ve been asking myself if I missed hints that she was into it based on her answers. I’m totally oblivious to women flirting with me, or making subtle hints. It’s hard crushing on the girl next door, trying not to be the creepy weirdo.

  • Don’t avoidnher - ask if she got your message.


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