"I fuck with you heavy"?

If I've been seeing a guy for about two years now (supposedly exclusively )
but he always tells me he loves me and fucks with e heavy but doesn't like the title (girlfriend)
What is he meaning by this phrase?


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  • Its like when you ask what your profession is and someone says entrepreneur yet they are broke lol

    Same idea. Haha
    Serious relationship and gf/bf. You can't have one without the other. Its as simple as that

    you choose a real good one there huh
    Essentially he's single to the world but dating you behind closed doors. Congratulations. You just became a closet girlfriend for the last 2 years

    • So in your opinion... Am I wasting my time and just someone to have until he finds what he wants? I really don't know what to do?

    • Well i mean... how can you go 2 years and when a stranger meets you and asks you are you as you his girlfriend
      Do you have to say no? Lol

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  • Sounds like you're fucking with an immature hood rat tbh. If that's all he can give you after two years don't expect any kind of real commitment.


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  • Well, he's told you the truth at least, he isn't lying to you. He doesn't want a relationship, but, lucky you, he fucks with you heavy 🙄

  • What happens if you walk away?

    • I have tried to walk away but then i realize how much I do love him. I know it sounds lame and crazy but I have that feeling where you feel like you found that one person who was made just for you, who like you know in tour heart it would kill you to walk away.

    • I know what you mean, definitely a hard situation! Unfortunately if you leave things as they are why should he change, see what I mean?

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