My boyfriend and I never get alone time. We have to hang out with his friends EVERYDAY.

Okay so I met this guy when I was living in his area on new years eve and I moved 7 hours away. We continued talking everyday since then and we became officially together when I moved back up here 2 months ago.

Hes sweetest guy I've ever met BUT, we never spend time alone together unless its right before we go to sleep, him taking me home, or us smoking a cig outside his friends house.

We hang out every single night and only TWICE has he made the plan for us to spend the night alone.

Hes only spent the night at his house maybe 4 times in 2 months, we literally sleep at one of his friends house every night, on a couch or the floor. I have told him over and over that I want alone time but he still doesn't get it and its caused 2 major fights where we almost broke up.

What can I do to get him to want to hang out just us? he's glued to his friends and I just sit there and he leaves me out most of the time, his best friend has a girlfriend and they started dating a month before me and my boyfriend talks to her MORE THAN ME when we're over there.

He hardly includes me in conversations and the other night his friend was having a party, he saw how awkward I felt and told me he was going to the gas station, didn't ask me to come and he went with his bestfriends girlfriend. Later that night I cried about that and the fact he was shooting some big boobed blond hair girl with a water gun flirting and stuff and he never came out there to check on me.

When its just us were perfect together, he's so sweet. But I don't know if he even realizes how much this is affecting me and our relationship. Any advice?


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  • Alright there is a lot I want to say but I will leave you with just one piece of advice. Try making the plans yourself. Take the initiative and tell him you guys are going to dinner and a movie...or hanging out at the house afterward. You can try to surprise him with something like this too. Keeping it short and simple this time!


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  • He isn't putting you as a priority, and since it sounds like you have communicated this with him on several occasions that this bothers you, and he still hasn't changed, that he doesn't seem to care what is important to you. Plus, him ignoring you, and flirting with that other girl just sounds rude and hurtful. You have a decision to make. You could spend the rest of your life with him getting put on the back burner, or you could find a man that puts you first and treats you like a Queen! It sounds like you deserve better! :)