My boyfriend hangs out with his friends everyday, is this normal?

I'm not sure if this is just being clingy or anything

My boyfriend either plays games with his friends or hangs out everyday (guys and girl) I am fine with him seeing friends and stuff. It's just it's EVERYDAY and I only see him 4 hours a week due to it. I told him I want to spend more time with him and he said he's fine with it but went back to his old ways.

I'm annoyed cause if I ask for more time he gets mad but will gladly play games with his friend for 6 hours? I've suggested to even play a game together, watch a movie online or just facetime etc. He always starts an argument and says he's no time because of after work (but will play games or hang out with hi friends everyday). I pointed this out and he just got mad at me and starts an argument. I remember saying he's hanging out with one friend very often and I feel kinda left out and he got angry and started saying how "You don't trust me with her, you think I'm cheating?" When I just used her as an example as he's spent everyday with her playing games or getting food.

I don't feel like a relationship, I just feel like we're friends with benefits. We'll talk, have sex and that's really it now.

I do love him but I don't want to break up, I don't really know what to do?
My boyfriend hangs out with his friends everyday, is this normal?
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