Would you choice your family over your boyfriend or both?

So I given my girlfriend 12 months to think about what she wants to do about our relationship. Her family hates my guts and will never accept us dating. The reason I known they will never accept me is because my gf& me were going to have two twins baby. My girlfriend was 10 weeks parents when her family murder our kids by forced I won't go into details. but I will say my girlfriend has nightmares thanks to me she been getting bad I do not sleep till she sleeps and half the time I stay up at night singing to her or saying its gonna be OK over n over till she claims down. Our relationship is a lot better since we moved into together But she still visiting her parents which I do not really like but I would never make her choice between us or force her not to see them. Her top 3 reason for visting them is 1. Her dad fixes her car and he wasn't involved in what happened just her Mom& sister was. 2. Her other dog that her mom owns
3. Her grandparents vists during holidays so she go's for them. Here why I don't think it will work. 1. She still hiding the fact from them that we are still dating. 2. They keep using to see her new apartment but she won't let them since I live there. 3. They killed our kids and I will never allow them near my future kids unless am in the room with them. 3 ways I think it can work out.
1. They respect the fact they won't be allowed near their future grandkids with out me in the room. They killed my unborn kids not letting them any more of my kids.
2. They respect me and don't start problems like I always respected them even while being called a n** to my face never once raised my voice
3. we meet half way but not with number one. What do u guys think sorry for the bad writing&


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  • They didn't kill your unborn children. C'mon now. You had an unplanned, out of wedlock pregnancy because, what? You can't be arsed to use a condom? Abortion is a normal choice that women make in these situations. You need the get over it. Continuing the narrative of them having forced her to do it just makes it all the more traumatic for her.

    But, yes, there are situations in which I might choose my boyfriend over family. But my family sucks, and it's really not a hard choice I made.

    • You don't even known what happened but you assume shit you don't even known. Enjoy the rest of your day they did kill them end of story

    • Your girlfriend was over 18 and saw a licensed medical professional? Then she had the abortion.

      I appreciate they may have applied undue pressure on her.

      But you're half of the reason she was in that situation. Stop projecting your guilt and anger on other people. You are not helping her by that. And referring it to it as "killed my unborn baby" further traumatizes her.

    • Killed was her words like I said your opinion is not a fact so stop trying to act like it is. Being dragged by your hair at 8am in the morning while your asleep in not pressure being threaten to be kill is not pressure. So can go now your advice is not wanted at all

  • Family

    • Even after they killed youth kids

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