How does it work if two guys like the same girl?

We're coworkers. Let's call them Andrew and Jason. They're best friends. I'm about 99% sure that Jason likes me, because it's extremely obvious and everyone tells me that he does. But I'm not into Jason. Then there's Andrew, who I have a crush on. Andrew is always stepping up to help me at work, he also randomly put his hand on top of my hand at work and stood really close to me. He's also flirted with me a little at work BUT he only talks to me at work when Jason isn't working. When Jason is working, Andrew doesn't talk to me. What's up with that? I've also noticed that Andrew kind of keeps an eye on me. Like he's always checking to see what I'm doing. He's not a manager or anything but he's always checking up and passing by, sees what I'm doing and then walks away. A couple of other coworkers have noticed that and brought it up to me. We talk a LOT when Jason isn't working. But if Jason is working, he'll completely ignore me and not talk to me. But Jason does talk to me.

So so what's going on? Why does he ignore me when Jason is there?
How does it work if two guys like the same girl?
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