Guys how do you go on when liking 2 girls at the same time?

If you ever liked 2 girls at the same time and texted, flirted with both but you tell each of them you like only her, yet somehow one of the girls can tell you like someone else too, what do you do?

Some guy has made me believe he only likes me and I see on Facebook that a girls and him flirt and she leaves him a heart and smiley on his wall, stuff like that. This one time she left him a paragraph all flirty. But I doubt that they have gone out, and he has not asked me out either but texts me and obviously her with what I saw.

What can I tell him, Because I have asked him before if he was talking to other girls because it seems like it, and he said to trust him that he isn't talking to other girls in the way he is to me. He just tells me to trust him and that once his long shift from work ends, he will take me on a date, which is in this month.

Please, any suggestions? We have been talking for a couple months and I knew him from high school.


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  • Well I would still be cautious. If he wasn't giving these girls some kind of attention, they wouldn't be so interested. Also, look at his friends list, if they are primarily girls, I would be extra guarded. A guy that surrounds himself with women is likely to be a player.
    I would just be guarded and careful.

    • Im keeping my guard up, for now, I will not trust this guy. Thanx for your advice :)

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  • Get rid of this guy. If he was serious about you, he wouldn't be flirting around with other girls.


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  • When this happened to me I just disregarded them and cut contact.

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