If a girl doesn't text first, is she telling you she's not interested?

So I'm new to the whole dating scene. This is my first time texting/calling (with the aim of a relationship) a girl since I felt I wasn't mentally ready in the past. The girl in question is one that I knew in college. I'm very interested in her and I >think< she's into me as well. We have conversations about pretty much everything.

Now enough of the background info! As much as I know texting should not be the main form of communication, it is the most convenient for the both of us as she has class and I'm at work (we're one year apart, I just graduated). Whenever I initiate the text, usually regarding some event that occurred or a joke, the conversations are long and great. The only thing of concern to me is that she never texts me first. I have tried the whole waiting thing once for a period of three days, but didn't want to risk anything so I started texting her again. She always replies, so that's a good sign.

I'm just a bit concerned about her interest as I've had a friend advise me and he said she may just not be into me and is merely being nice by responding to my texts. We've already had our first date and I felt the connection was strong.

This has been digging at me for awhile now. Any advice or insight would be great! Thank you!
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Thanks for the insight everyone! I've been picking up the ball and we're going for a second date this Friday. Here's to hoping everything goes well!
If a girl doesn't text first, is she telling you she's not interested?
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