If a girl never texts you first, does that mean she isn't interested?

So I like this girl, we've known each other for about two months. I always text her 1st like once or twice a week. she has only text me 1st once after I didn't text her for like two weeks. we flirt, we've even met up and we both connected so well but I still don't know if she is interested in me.. is she?


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  • Well I actually never text guys first, I get like nervous for some reason. Especially with the guy I like, I never ever text him first unless I have a question about something. I'm just nervous they'll be busy or something and then yeah.I have no idea why, just never do it. I think she's either busy or nervous


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  • It could be a coulpe of things

    1.she is uninterseted, or bored

    2.she is too nervous(if that's the case, she really likes you;)

    3.She may be busy


    1.Talk to her,girls usualy talk things like that out.

    2.Let her come to you, if she really likes you, she'll probably bounce back(probably)

    3.call her instead of texting her.

    Hope it helps;)

  • No, it doesn't mean she isn't interested. It might just mean that she is busy. I never have time to text people first, but when someone does happen to text me, I will talk to them.


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