My boobs are getting bigger & my boyfriend likes it?

So I've always had really small boobs and I can get away with not wearing a bra because they're that small. But recently I've been going through some body changes (like a second round of puberty or something) and my boobs are definitely developing. My boyfriend was the first to notice and he's like "Damn girl. You're looking good." At first I thought he was talking about my overall appearance but then he's like "I think your boobs are coming out to play." I started noticing that my shirts fit differently now and my boobs are definitely growing. Recently he has been paying a lot more attention to me and likes playing with them a lot. I feel a little self-conscious because I've never experienced this before. Guys, does this mean that when I was flat-chested he wasn't attracted to me? I'm 21 years old and it seems strange that I'm still experiencing body changes when puberty has been done a long time ago
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Hey everyone! So... my boyfriend and I purchased two pregnancy tests and they both said that I'm pregnant. My boyfriend is so excited right now lol but I'm still in shock I think aha :) We're going to go to the doctor tomorrow just in case it's a false positive. Thanks for all your responses and at least now I know what the heck is going on with my body lol :) Thanks again!! :)
My boobs are getting bigger & my boyfriend likes it?
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