My boyfriend thinks my boobs are too small?

so my boyfriend sent me this link on how to make your boobs bigger and I was like, um, what are you trying to say? and he was making it seem like i was overreacting and that it was just a 'joke". I was really kinda hurt actually. i know i said to him i don't like my breasts, but still when he sent that link it made me feel worse. i honestly felt like crying. and he was like, you need to work on your body and breasts. I thought he liked my body the way it was and now he's saying i need to 'work on it.' he didn't get why i was hurt, because i said I didn't like my boobs, so he thinks it's okay to send me a link like that.

this kind of changes the way i feel about him now. i feel even worse about my breasts and in the past he's even said to me i have big feet, which is another thing i've always been self conscious about.


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  • i feel like he doesn't understand the hurtful aspect of what he's saying. he doesn't say you're not valuable but that this would make him happy...


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  • That's very hurtful.
    The fact that he doesn't understand the pain he caused you shows he lacks empathy.

    I think you should once again tell him how he made you feel when he said those things. If he still manages not to see the light , I got to say I know you can do much better girl.

    You deserve a man that loves every inch of you. Someone that makes you feel good. Someone that makes you feel beautiful.

    He's picking on things you can't change like your boob size , that's really low of him.


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  • here they say there is always a reality under a joke. ı mean you should reconsider your relationship he loves you for who you are or he loves you for your body or appearance? or at least talk with him tell him that his jokes are hurting your feelings if he understands it is amazing but if he continues with you are over reacting then you really should thing about things

    • Exactly! he tried to pass it off as a joke, but the fact that he said those things at all mean something deeper. i did tell him that what he said hurt me, but he sort of acted like i shouldn't be hurt because it was a "joke".

      I am rethinking whether i really wanna be with him...

      Thanks for your answer.

  • Sounds like a jerk. No guy should take pleasure or whatever in pointing out your flaws. Those two, the breast and the feet are things you can't change and that makes his comments even worse. How would he feel if you just "joked" about his penis size? I doubt that he himself is perfect and even if he was, doesn't deserve you if he can't accept you the way you are. When you can't take his comments anymore just tell him to find someone else to bring down.