What do guys think of 19 year old virgin girls? Will I ever have a boyfriend?

I'm 19 and I'm a virgin. I'm the only girl in my group of friends who is still a virgin (my best friend just lost her virginty 2 years ago at age 18 untill then she was my only friend who was a virgin) Im friends with a few boys, only ones around my age and a virgin (but honestly getting to know him I'm not surprised he is) I haven't even dated anyone either nor have I kissec a guy or held hands with a guy or anything for that matter. I know it's cause I'm ugly and im 5'5 and 200 pounds and I have small and ugly boobs ( 36C, it looks small on me and one my boobs is kinda saggy cause of genetics). I'm just too ugly to date. I even joined dating sites and actively message people but they don't seem interested as they don't message back or they do and they stop talking after a short time. Now, Im not gonna wait untill marrige ( with my sex drive it's just not realistic) but I want to know I've met the right guy to enjoy my first time with. I've heard a lot of guys say they don't like virgins cause they're too emotional or too clingy afterwards or they don't want to teach the person how sex goes and that if the girls a virgin after a certain time it just mean there's a bad reason behind it. To be honest I'm ashamed to be a virgin, but if guys were interested in me I'd've had sex a lost sooner. About the weight thing. My dad bought an exercise machine for us on Christmas and I've been working out for 15 minutes a day, and I'm not eating a lot. In fact, I've been eating less. But I've tried diets and exercise before and didn't lose any weight. So, what do you guys think? Is there hope for me or am I just meant to be forever alone? I'm never complimented by guys either and on the dating site I go on the only people who seem interested in me are creepy old men around my dads age (45). I also hate when guys say women have it easier when it comes to dating and sex. They say we just ask for sex and we get it, yeah right, only if you look like Megan Fox.
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I've had crushes on many guys. And every time I reveal my feelings to them I get rejected and then made fun of. I'm never going to ask a guy out again. I'm not even going to tell any guy I have feelings for them anymore or I'll get bullied again.
What do guys think of 19 year old virgin girls? Will I ever have a boyfriend?
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