I am a virgin, but my boyfriend is not?

So here are the basic details. He's my first boyfriend. I've never had sex, all I've ever done with a guy before my boyfriend is kiss him. He's had sex with his ex of 3 years ago. He's 2 years older than me (19). I've seen stuff on Facebook like him saying he wants to marry her, him saying he loves her, calling her baby, etc. When ever I bring up how it upsets me he tells me their relationship wasn't real like ours and he was young and naive and that they dated for 2 years but after a year the love died. We've been dating for 7 month and he says already our relationship is much better than his exs.

My problem is I just can't stop thinking about it... I can't get over it. He's been my first for basically everything. And it seems like im not his first for everything. I've seen compliments he's put on girls pictures in the past and it makes me feel like nothing special since he's already told everything basically to other girls. I feel depressed like im just a repeat, like im second to everything. I... even cry about it sometimes -__- I've never been anyone's first. Im still a virgin and he respects that and will wait. But now I feel so upset that I don't want to have sex with him because he's been naked with another girl.

The only firsts I can think of for us is that we have cute nicknames we created for each other (but he could've called his ex stuff too I dunno) and he got roses for me. He told me he's never done that for a girl. He's told me im his first real love but I can't believe it. Expecially if he said to a previous girl he wanted to marry her too and had sex with her...
I am a virgin, but my boyfriend is not?
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