Girls, why do you find tall guys hot?

I think girls find taller guys hot for reasons that arnt true. By tall I mean 6ft 2 and taller. If girls thought about it they would know that tall guys would have more options for girls so may not be as loyal. The size of a mans penis is NOT because he's tall or big feet or anything like that. In the Marines, we had a guy who was 29 and a virgin, he was dorky and 5ft 2, he had a 13inch dick, we called him tripod. Among other names, he was a virgin cuz the ladies thought he was too short and any girls who got to see under his pants were in for a big surprise. Also girls dont realize statistically tall guys won't live as long. Also tall guys want a taller girl. So if a girl is 6ft yea she should date a 6ft 4 guy. A girl whos 5ft 2 shouldn't date a guy whos 6ft 2. You would probably look like his little sister or daughter to everyone else. What also isn't a good choice is a girl will judge a guy by his looks, but get offended when he does the same to her. Im 6ft, my girl is 5ft 3 so this isn't personal really, its her sister thats buggin me. She won't date a guy cuz her ex who was 6ft 3 cheated on her and broke up with her after giving her a few std. Then a really good guy, a marine, wanted to date her. But he's 5ft 6 same as her and she uses him to go on trips and money but even after a year of being broken off from the taller guy she still chases him and won't give the shorter guy a chance. She has actually offended me with some of the things she says when talking about guys. She wants a guy to completely take care of her, give her a huge home and tons of money. Why do girls think that likeing a guy for his wallet is ok but dont like it when they aren't treated as equals? Is it being equal to depend on a guy to care for you hand and foot like a slave? Can a girl explain this one to me, am I crazy or is every girl like this immature?
Girls, why do you find tall guys hot?
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