My guy friend almost kissed me?

We wet to a weekend retreat together and we did EVERYTHING together. We also go to school together and are good friends there. So it was the entire weekend and we got really close. Not flirting just great friends. We had so many talks and lots of laughs. There were lots of times we looked into each others eyes. During the last hour, I was looking at something and he was in front of me and looking at me but I was looking past him. I could see him looking into my eyes to my lips for about 10 sec then I see him starting to lean in until I look at him and he stops. I gave him a hug as I was leaving and didn't want it to end. My question is what do I do from now on? Does anybody else have similar stories that they could tell also?


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  • no similar story, just extremely envious, what better way to end up w a guy than for him to have been a good friend...enjoy! something will happen soon :) :)