The ideal match for the Alpha/Dominant Woman is a More Passive/Beta Man - Opinions?

What do you think of this idea? More dominant personalities mesh better with more passive, laid back personalities. The problem is many of us dominant women look for men who make as strong a first impression as we do and are very dominant themselves. I was reading an article on this, in which an author did research on this incompatibility and strongly recommends that more dominant/alpha women reconsider the traits that they find most attractive.

This isn't a new idea, of course, but I've been guilty of this as well. Sometimes men with more passive personalities don't give me the immediate gratification that I want or lack the spark/flame that I get when interacting with dominant men. (A flame that explodes and combusts into chaos, of course. Therein lies the issue with dom-dom romance lol) We are so into this idea of our power couple match. we can still have that, but adjusting for personality type. Not all ambitious, successful men are dominants. And the men who are more laid back might make much better partners for us and help us in developing healthier, more balanced relationships.

So it may not be the end of the world that Mr. Dom wants a more submissive woman. Thoughts?


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  • I tend to really go for switches. So I can spice it up a bit with a challenge and chase


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  • Dominant in bed or in general?

    • no, in terms of personality in general. im actually pretty submissive "in bed", like many other women with dominant personalities. so i guess any passive guy I date would need to be able to become dominant and pretty aggressive during sex.

  • I totally agree with you. It's very rare that two dominant personalities can have a successful long-term relationship.

    I'm a dominant guy and I've had some brief (mostly sexual) relationships with more dominant women but there is no way I could get along with them over the long term. I think dominant people need to find submissive mates.

    Submissive doesn't necessarily mean a doormat, by the way. Perhaps deferential is a better term.


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  • I'm sexually dominant and I actually prefer submissive men.


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