Should I text her before the date?

I have a date with a girl I like but it is not for a few days. Should I send her a text like the day before telling her I am excited about our date, or just play it cool and not say anything else until I see her?

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  • AVOID texting her, I'd avoid texing altogether, it's impersonal and leads to miscommunication that can f*** things up, you already have a date set so just go and meet up in person with her


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  • If you make a date and it's in a week and you feel excited, I think it's totally cool to send a short (It has to be short!) text telling her that you're excited. Definitely don't text something like "God I'm waiting and thinking about you every minute." Instead try to crack a quick joke. (Humor is always something girls love.)

    I'm not an expert, but I'd usually send a short text 2 days before the date. If she texts back I recommend not responding until the date and then talking to her.

    But playing it cool works as well.

    (No right or wrong answer really, as long as you don't send her a 500 word text detailing your love for her.)

    Just remember... KEEP IT SHORT!

  • Come on to strong and she'll label you a creep, and that's a social death sentence you insensitive unthoughtful bitches. Not that I have any previous history with women or am mad at the gender. Come on a date with me instead, I'll put out on the first date x