[Rant] I am an Incel?

I am 23 years old with Asperger's syndrome, been severely bullied
I workout 4 days a week.
Every girl I have approached has rejected me in a really harsh way, one girl accused me of sexually harassing her despite learning PUA.
Don't tell me that bullshit "Just be confident" confidence comes from having constant positive results, telling an incel to be confident is like telling poop not to stink.
Every time I see PDA it feels like torture, makes me feel depressed
One time I was at a party, a drunk girl I know and some other acquaintances told me : "You look like you have never kissed a girl or a kissless virgin", I lied about it but told that she is being a bitch.
I tried lowering my standards, but even the ugly ones think I am a creep.
I cringe when my parents for being disingenuous about my looks they think my looks are an 9/10 but I am barely a 4/10 on my best day.
One time I got a tinder match, we agreed on a date but she never showed up.
This is how I look on my best day
[Rant] I am an Incel?
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