Boyfriend is calling way less and texting wayy less and acting distant?

does thisautomatically mean that he is not interested anymore?

i told him to call me last night and he said he would and than he never did and I snet him a sad face this morning :(

he hasn't even tried contacting me :(


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  • My boyfriend acted the same way as your boyfriend now into the 3rd month of our relationship. I tried to suck it up and gave him space, but things did not get better.

    About a week later, I could not take it anymore and the whole situation was stressing me out, so I asked him to have a talk with me. I sat down with him and asked him if everything was OK or he has something to tell me. He said he was really stressed out about his job and also it was part of what I was doing to make him upset. I apologized and told him that I would try to make things better, and so far, it's working well.

    Try to give him some space, but if he doesn't get better in a few days, (I would say 3 or 4 days) you will have to ask him to have a talk with you. You are his girlfriend, you need to know what is going on in his mind.

    Good luck,


    • yeah we've been dating for about 4 monnths now!

      the thing is though I think I give him a little too much space and that's why he backed up a little like maybe he is checking whether I would be putting an effort into the relationship. He was always the initiator. maybe he just got tired of me :( it sucks because I wanna talk to him seriously and ask him what's up and if he doesn't like me anymore we can just let go of each other but it seems like he's afraid or something! been likethis for a week.

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  • Depends on how long it's been that way. If it's a while then I'd say it's not working.

    • about a week? :(

    • A week means nothing, you are overreacting.

      However, the longer you are together the less you will talk, because you will get to know each other and the initial excitement will start to fade. Your relationship will either get into phase 2 - true love, husband & wife kinda thing - or it will not work at all. It comes down to how much you really have in common, anyone can last 4 months.

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  • Either he's not as interested in you as he use to be or maybe in his mind yall were talking 24-7 and he just needs some space:(

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