I asked him to slow down, he hasn't called.

I've been dating a guy for a month who has already told me he loves me and things are really awesome when we are together. He brings me incredible peace and happiness that I've never known.

However, when he has a problem, he shuts me out. I would rather have him talk to me about it. On Monday we got into an argument about it. I asked him why he says he loves me and then shuts me out when somethings wrong? He said he doesn't wanna bring me down. I told him that I can't care when HE wants me and that when I don't hear from him, I worry regardless...

I told him that maybe things were going too fast between us and that maybe we should take things slower. We spend almost every day together, yet he avoids me when somethings wrong? It really hurts me when I don't hear from him..

I haven't talked to him since Monday. I have NO idea why he hasn't texted or called. Guys please, some insight on what he may be thinking?
I asked him to slow down, he hasn't called.
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