Why is my boyfriend dodging serious conversations?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and the other day we were joking around and he was teasing me so I was kind of playing mad and he sent me these little heart bitmoji things (emojis that look like you) and a couple of them said i love you but we haven’t said that to each other and so I asked him about it and he kind of just dodged the question. I don’t know what that means and if he isn’t in love yet that’s okay but why won’t he say yes or no or at least acknowledge that I asked.
He also doesn’t like to talk about a lot of other serious things for example every time I talk about him leaving for college he turns it into a joke and says things like I’m not leaving I’m going to drop out.
I’ve tried to talk to him about this a few times both in person and then over text just to see if he would be more open not being face to face but it’s not working. I know he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings or other things like that a lot but there are times I want to talk about some things just to see if we’re on the same page.
I want to know how I can get him to open up more, our relationship is good and healthy I just want to talk about things more and it’s hard to do when he avoids it.
Why is my boyfriend dodging serious conversations?
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