Why does he seem so eager to hang out with me? Should I be suspicious even though we just friends

I met this guy in class. We exchanged numbers. I asked him if he has a girlfriend through text message just because I can and he text me back saying we're talking right now. (the girl) not me and he made it seem so complicated. So when I ask him before to help me workout he said anytime. Then he asked me do you want to hang out through text. I said yes. Then he text what you have in mind? And it made me feel strange because I'm not sure why he couldn't answer my question straight about having a girlfriend or not. Also while we were talking before class I feel like I distracted him. Because his male friends were like what are you doing.


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  • yeaaaaa sounds like somedoy has a girlfriend. if he was single there would be no need for his evasion techniques. this guy ,ay not be getting validation from his currebt girlfriend so he's looking for you to give him some ()validaton that is but ut seems apparent that he he's involved especially if his friends are asking what he is doing. you shd leave this guy be or ask him straight up what the deal is with his behavior and if he has a girlfriend if he still dodges questions the answer is even more clear. personally id move on cus this one doesn't seem like it would end out well for you

    • he told me they go out on dates but he not sure what to call their relationship. I told him I do not like drama because I wouldn't want her getting mad thinking they were boyfriend and girlfriend and she get mad at me. I dealt with crazy gfs before I don't want to again

    • then dnt deal with this guy cus drama is what's in store with him. he needs to get his sh figured out. and even if he isn't in with a nother girl why does he hav so much trouble conveying that to you? final word boy is drouble there is caution tape allll around this place so stay away

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  • thi blokes definitely just keeping you as a back up for when it suits him, doesn't sound like he that faithful to hid girl though, stay away if I was you. if this guy really liked you he would have let you know and he wouldn't be evasive either.


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