How do you kiss a girl, lip motions specifically?

my god give me the details... I have absolutely no knowledge in this field of study.


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  • hahah "no knowledge in this field of study." You're funny

    well... most of the time girls like soft/sweet kisses. Before you lean in to kiss her look her in the eyes and gently pull her chin towards you. This is sort of hard to explain but in my opinion this is the best way to kiss a girl (for a first kiss)-

    kiss her top lip so that she's kissing your bottom lip (this happens naturally) and keep it very gently and sweet. the lighter it is the better, I think at least. Then kiss her bottom lip and go back and forth from top to bottom.


    • aight HOLD UP... now lets back this train up. Like it's no peck right? it's just the rubbing of the lips? I know it's sad (as outgoing as I am...i'm nervous at this stuff)...i wish action movies had more kissing in them...

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  • It mostly comes naturally. Just be gentle and don't force it. Make sure that she WANTS you to kiss her before you go lips-first into her face. She will look at your lips and both of y'all will tilt your heads to opposite sides and just...kiss. Well, that's what happened to me. Good luck.

  • lips not touching, toung relaxed, sweet and simple. just make shure she wants the kiss 1st.

  • Be gentle first and foremost. Make sure you are in the right setting, alone, and you must be positive that she wants to kiss you back. If its your first time you DO NOT want to just jump on her, try kissing her forhead and cheek very slightly (no wetness). Oh and brush your teeth or eat a mint before, no girl likes nasty breath, and do not kiss with chapped lips. That happened with me before and it was not a great experience, Id recommend burts bees chapstick. Anyways back to the kissing. Slowly kiss around her lips, maybe slightly on her neck. Take pauses to look into her eyes, make it romantic. I love when my boyfriend kisses the corner of my mouth, its a tease really. lol. ummm don't be nervous, make sure your hands are not anywhere inappropriate ha ha I think on the side of the face near her ear, maybe stroke her hair or tuck it behind her ears (thats always sweet). Specifically on the lips, don't over think it, just relax your lips, keep them clossed at first and then if the kiss goes further you can add some tongue. Some find slightly biting or sucking on the lips is fun or running the tip of your tongue over the lip. Don't be aggresive, just take it slow, practice makes perfect :)

    • but like is it just rubbing of the lips with slight amount of sucking? and how open should your mouth be?

    • how open should the mouth be?

    • Make a kissy face, Now relax your lips, that's how open your mouth should be. If its your first time don't focus on the sucking and licking and and all that. And talk to your partner, let them know it's your first time and that you are nervous, they will think its sweet and will probably walk you through the steps. My first time was akward, but I was also pretty young and immature. Just go for it. Even if its a little off, its okay, because it is the first time and you will have other chances.

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  • Usually the Wing Girls are good for advice in areas like this:

    As I understand it, girls think guys are generally too aggressive when it comes to kissing (see the "The Wing Girls: KISS: Do Not Kiss LIke This" link above)...and girls like guys who kiss the way that, well, girls kiss.

    So...why not watch two girls kiss and see how they kiss reach other? Here's the Heather Graham - Jessica Stroup kiss scene from the movie "Broken":

    Let's study the clip like football players study game film, shall we? You can watch it & pretend to be Jessica Stroup (the brunette). Notice how when Jessica moves in for the kill from 0:48 to 0:51, she does so SLOWLY, in the clip this allows Heather's character to move away. In real life, you should move in slowly, just in case your girl is uncomfortable (maybe she's nervous?) at least you're giving her a way out. What you're not doing moving in too fast and "attacking" the girl (see "Attack of the lips" in the Wing Girls' "Do Not Kiss LIke This" clip above). You want to kiss a girl who wants to kiss you right? So move in slowly and see if she DOES want to kiss you.

    Back to the Graham - Stroup clip.

    At 1:16 Jessica gives it another go, and she moves in like she's on a mission. In my opinion, this part shows the perfect balance between taking control and not being too dominant. From 1:16 to 1:22 she moves in like she's going after what she wants. In a sense, you should this too. You should NEVER ask a girl if she wants to be kissed because it ruins the moment. You should just move in for the kill...but notice how from 1:20 to 1:23 she moves in slowly. She's going after what she wants, but not "attacking", rather being gentle.

    -The Kiss-

    It starts at 1:23. Both girls have their eyes closed. Jessica is cupping Heather's head gently in her left hand. The first kiss (1:23 to 1:26) is slow and soft and gentle. Then it accelerates (although from 1:30 onward it probably accelerates faster than what you and your girl may be comfortable with, but you get the idea). Notice how neither girl commited any of the kissing "don'ts" that the Wing Girls mentioned. Nobody's face attacked the other person's face. Nobody shoved their tongue down the other person's throat. Nobody put their hands where they didn't belong (in the beginning anyways - Heather's hand goes too far south at 1:41).