Why does he only communicate by sending memes? What does this guy want from me?

Hi all,
a couple weeks ago around the 4th of July I liked a bunch of this dudes pics on instagram, he gave me his number so we texted everyday and then he asked me if I want to go out the weekend he is back. He picked me up that Friday and took me somewhere nice for dinner. He also kept getting between me and the road when we were walking around. our text conversations prior to this meeting were light but constant, he made jokes about "wrestling" me but was not directly sexual and then also asked my ethnicity etc, we talked about our travels to other countries, music we are into, sent memes back and forth. after dinner we went to his room to watch TV.

Once in his room he cuddled me then started rubbing down my thighs & butt and then we started making out, I told him I was on my period and then we cuddled up and watched more of the show eventually we decided to sleep. He spooned&kissed me on the cheek, I turned to him we started making out again and he was hard, I gave him head which he said was amazing then we kissed and cuddled and fell asleep. In the morning he dropped me off and I texted him later saying "thanks for taking me out I had fun" and he replied "no prob. I had fun too. we will do it again soon." and that was two weekends ago we have not hung since. he sends me a lot of memes and we briefly talk on instagram but he does not text me at all and has not asked to hang since then. we haven't talked since Thursday, today he dropped a bunch of memes on me&said "meme dump sunday". why would he send me memes unless he is interested in me/fucking me or something but then why wouldn't he just ask me to hang out then I dont get the point of sending me random memes all the time. He is 31 if that helps. I do not want to make the move and ask him to hang. I don't get why he would waste his time and send me memes if he doesn't want to see me again? yeah I am just confused about the whole thing. no mean comments please I really want to know what is going on.
Why does he only communicate by sending memes? What does this guy want from me?
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