Why is my crush sending mixed signals?

So I know this dude for around roughly 5-6 years and started developing feelings around the 2nd year of knowing him. A few times I have heard that he has had a crush on me but never said so because he thought I had no feelings for him again. Let me remind you that I have been liking this dude for 4 years and have told him around 6 times during that span.. One being recently. He sends a lot of mixed signals as in winking, flirting, asking questions about my crush although he knows its him, gets touchy with me and such but yet he's dating these other girls and talking about his new girl and leaves me on read and takes hours to reply but still comes and tell me that I look like a whole meal. Opinions on y he is doing this or am I basically a clown?
Why is my crush sending mixed signals?
he's interested but not interested
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he's a jerk just drop it
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Why is my crush sending mixed signals?
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