He told me he loved me while drunk?

Been seeing this guy for a few months now who I lost my virginity too. We’re at the dating stage of “what are we” but I kind of like it because there’s no labels yet. We are both only seeing each other and spend a fair bit of time together. The other night I picked him and his friend up from a night out and he was pretty drunk. After I took his friend home he begged me to stay at his house with him, but I couldn’t stay so I said I would come in and cuddle for abit and leave early in the morning. When we were in his bed he seemed pretty sobered up and we were just talking and then he asked me if I was happy. I said that I was and he said good because I love you. And I was so shook I didn’t know what to say but I ended up saying it back. We haven’t talked about it sober yet but I don’t know if he really even meant it or not lol help
He told me he loved me while drunk?
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