This guy on tinder called me ugly and then unmatched me?

So I saw this guy on tinder that I have for a class. I’ve had him in 3 classes before and people are pretty mean to him. I’ve never been mean to him, but the only time I spoke to him was to lend him a pen when he asked for one.

So anyway, I swiped right to be nice. And we matched. I never planned on talking to him tho. But he sent me all these individual messages. It would’ve been an entire paragraph but he sent like 10 sentences individually. Saying at first that he was looking for someone to talk to. Then saying he wasn’t interested in me. Then saying some other random stuff. I just replied with a “what?” Because his messages were just so random.

And he started talking about his music, and about what he was looking for (like a companion) again, he sent all of this in individual messages. Like 10 or them. And the last one said that he wanted a companion that he could occasionally hook up with. I never replied. It just got weird for me. I didn’t see him that way, again I was trying to be nice since he got bullied.

So I never replied and then yesterday he randomly sends “you’re kinda ugly by the way, no offense. I don’t find you attractive at all. You’re not my type but you’re kinda ugly”

And I replied with “dude, you look like a gerbil” then he unmatched with me. Firstly, yes. He does look like a gerbil. Second of all, why on earth would he match with me if he was just going to insult me? And lastly, why insult someone based on their looks when you get bullied for your own looks?

Honestly. I just got annoyed with his hypocrisy. My question is, what is wrong with him? Why match in the first place and then get offended after I do the same back?
This guy on tinder called me ugly and then unmatched me?
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