Have you ever Ghosted someone? Or have been ghosted?

Have you ever Ghosted someone? Or have been ghosted?
So Ghosting has been a thing for a very long time now... since forever...welp since smartphones..
Aaandd on what it seemed like the perfect date with that person you were so exited to meet, or people we got bored of after a while... tend to be đź‘»Or the ones who do that evil act.

Why do people do it? And why can't they be straightforward with it? Yes there can be various reasons and excuses on why, but do you how that person would feel? Especially if you knew they had feelings for you? And yes you might had ghosted them because you didn't want to hurt their feelings but it's inevitable because they'd be hurt that all of a sudden you've ignore them... instead they are now full of doubts and thoughts on what could they had possibly done wrong and replay the date 1000 times in their head trying to remember if they said or did something that might have turned you off... They'd probably wait an entire month waiting for a text back..

*Pictures myself scrolling through old conversations*

Or those people who send on-going messages which yes they can be annoying especially if you're not texting back and are the one receiving Rows of messages. Why not tell them what your intentions where or save them from continuously feeling hurt? Why can it be difficult to text them the truth and simply say, "I had a great time with you but I'm not interested in a relationship or just simply text them back... you have nothing to lose or if you had something else in mind just tell them how you feel or what you think.

But what do you think? Or how does someone handle this situation if you've been ghosted or been the person who ghosted?
Have you ever Ghosted someone? Or have been ghosted?
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