Have you ever been ghosted? Have you ghosted someone?

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every guy I've slept with in the past has always ended up ghosting me for one reason or another.

and I didn’t realize how much it negatively impacted things for me until yesterday when I about overreacted because the guy i’m currently talking to / sleeping with was leaving me on read.

thing is I knew before we even got together that he was a crap replier, no matter who you are. but it still made me insecure.

didn't realize how much I hated online dating til it hit me that this wouldn’t even be an issue if I hadn’t gotten ghosted so frequently in the past.
yes I’ve been ghosted & it negatively impacts dating
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yes i’ve ghosted someone
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yes i’ve been ghosted & it didn’t impact dating
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no i’ve never been ghosted
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Have you ever been ghosted? Have you ghosted someone?
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