Why do men and women have no standards for a relationship?

"He has a job" "We love each other" "I find him attractive" "he's loyal"
Wow, I sure wonder why half of marriages end in divorce. Like fucking duh someone out there want an ugly, cheating, jobless SO?

My basic requirements?

-have a hobby or interest (shows you can commit to something, aren't apathetic, and have something interesting to talk about)

-have a job and an ambition (shows maturity, stability, and desire to have something better in life)

-confident and communicates (shows maturity, mental fortitude, and genuinity)

Basic requirements people. Basic.

It seems 90% of people do not check all those boxes. The likely reason is that it's not an expectation.
This doesn't even go into, are they smart, do they like the same music, are they attractive, loyal, same political spectrum, etc.

It's just basic shit that's seen as asking for too much and I often hear: just "lower your standards".

It's an infinite perpetual loop of quality and expectations in an SO going lower and lower where being loyal actually has to be said as a requirement. Anyone who has standards is isolated into conforming.

People are sooooooo quick to drop all standards just to not feel lonely and it's so pathetic.

What are your expectations? What are your minimums? What are bonuses that would be nice to see?
Why do men and women have no standards for a relationship?
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