A road trip for a first date?

So I met this guy on a dating app about 2 weeks ago, I’m very cautious about knowing if they’re the real deal or not before a first date and so far so go. This guy really likes traveling and mostly spends his weekends on road trips. He lives about 3 hours from my town so for a date we would have to make quite a drive. He asked me out, not on a typical date at a restaurant or a coffee shop but on a road trip to Chicago (about 2 hours from my town). It honestly caught me way of guard since it’s something I’ve never done before on a first date and no one has asked me that before either, it does sound like a lot of fun but I’m still on edge. Mostly because it’s gonna be the first time I see him in person and set to a road trip almost immediately after meeting him? Would a road trip be a good first date? And if I go is it ok to ask for anything that would make me feel safe? Thoughts about this, please!!
A road trip for a first date?
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