Translate Farsi/Persian to English?

My friend has recently been doing some online dating, and took interest to a guy who doesn't speak English that well. This is Farsi/Persian, what does it mean in English?

"jegarem kuja asti? Mar kar astom kalbem. Tu kuja astee sayeda gakem"


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  • if you want to translate it word for word

    Jegarem means Liver, Kuja means Where , asti mean are you

    its like saying where are you my sweetheart

    mar kar astom kabem ~ Your in my heart

    tu kuja astee sayeda gakem ~ Where are you my hearts desire

    hope that helps :P

  • roughly means -

    "baby where are you? ..."

    the rest I can't understand ha ha sry

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    • @tanaynay, ya that's what I was told by someone too, but I was also told they are the same, but darkling, sweety and my friend are completely different

      @cyrus7, srry for another question, my other friend said that "Mar kar astom kalbem.Tu kuja astee sayeda gakem" meant "Im been just here.where have you been beautiful lady"i was just wondering if that makes sense?cuz when I googled it, different words meant beautiful and lady, so I wasn't sure,cuz a few people couldn't figure out the last part either

    • no idea :l lol sry..

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