Why do men hate women for being attracted to rich men?

Lets face it, men are attracted to rich women too. I've seen men go crazy gaga over female millionaires such as lori greiner in shark tank. I have no doubt that a female millionaire would have any difficulty getting married. Everyone is attracted to money. When my guy friends hear that you know a female millionaire, their first question would be: "is she single?"

Who wouldn't be attracted to riches? who the fuck would find debt more attractive than riches? who would find no vacations to be more attractive than taking as many vacations as you want a year? who would find using coupons more sexy than buying the best food for your children?

Is it a sexist thing where men can just hate on women for finding financially stable men more attractive? Why aren't women hating on shallow men who would go for the slutty hot bimbo rather than the average girl next door? Both genders are shallow to a certain extent. I don't get why its always women that get attacked for it.
Why do men hate women for being attracted to rich men?
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