"Kisses like a fish" What's this mean?

One way that girls have criticized guys' kissing styles is by saying certain guys "kiss like a fish" or that kissing them "is like kissing a fish".

What's this mean?

How do I prevent myself from kissing like a fish?


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  • u are a sloppy kisser basically..

    • Like drool everywhere or what?

    • saliva around the mouth of the person you are kissing stuff like that.

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  • I've actually thought the opposite. If you think of a fish and that pucker face then it makes me think of someone who just pecks the person they're kissing. If this would make sense to your situation then try using you lips more like a smooch. If that makes sense. No drool just more lips

  • Imagine keeping a living fish in your mouth. Something like that:

    lots of saliva, and uncoordinated, quick an eager movements. horrible!


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