Signs of a childish/immature woman?

What are some tell-tale signs that a woman is not mature at all?

I've got a few, but please expand the list:

1) Self-absorbed = only talks about herself and doesn't really ask too much about you or your interests

2) Self-centered = everything is about her, every comment or thing you do is in relation to how it affects her. An example of this: You ask her if you want to go see one of your favorite bands live and she says she'd rather not because she doesn't like concerts.. in other words she doesn't take your interests into account.

3) Spoiled = She thinks she deserves to be treated like a princess. She feels the man must always call, text her, she doesn't need to do any work in setting up dates, she thinks the man should pay for everything, she thinks she deserves royal treatment, and if a man isn't willing to do all this for her she deserves better.

If you disagree with some of these feel free to comment, also add to the list. I've dated too many immature women and I want to know some red flags to watch out for and avoid.


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  • 1. If she talks all the time about other guys or her ex while she is in a supposedly committed relationship with you

    2. She thinks the relationship is only about sex, and nothing else and she doesn't make any effort to make you happy

    3. She always is telling you that you need to dress like this guy that she likes, or telling you that you need to change your way of dressing just to look like another guy she likes

    4. If she always is calling you names like telling you you are immature, just because you won't let her talk about her other "men" and she thinks you can't handle it because you're psycho and she can talk about her ex or her current crush (when she is with you)

    5. If you guys are married, and she can care less about how the IRA, housing accounts, all the bills (car, phone etc) are doing and she just comes home to play video games all day and when called to come eat with the dinner ready she complains for an hour before coming to eat

    6. If you do all the house cleaning, take care of all the finances and she still wants you to massage her and treat her like a princess and bring her food to her in bed... um... spoiled brat much?

    and yes I just described my husband as if he was a girl.

    • I'm so sorry for you lol. I hope things work out, even if that means you leave his immature ass.

    • Hmmm... that sounds more like, selfish or self-centered and unreasonable... :)

      I must say, that sounds like my BF- not in all aspects but the majority of them- Are all men just like that? Is it us?... Is the them? Or perhaps both?... I can't figure it out...

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  • I don't know if this is a girl being immature. This is more of a girl just being a bitch.

    • I don't think she is necessarily being a bitch or immature- she just might be spoiled period. Some people are just raised that way. They?re use to being tailored to. Along with that, they might not be aware of it. Also, if all her friends are like that and the people in her household act that way, she probably doesn?t know any better. Not to give her excuses, but you have to look at it from different perspectives as well. One shoe doesn?t fit everyone!- lets me reasonable here.

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  • I think the whole idea of being immature is being naive and inexperienced. Doing things that you will cringe over 10 years later is a sign of immaturity (IE, super trendy haircut, tattered clothes, poor social discipline, etc)

    I haven't met many girls over the age of 17 who were truly immature, I mean, compared to guys... it's embarrassing to compare maturity between the two!

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