I kissed my ex's friend?

Sorry this is long. But please read.

Okay so I went out with a guy who was my best friend. We later decided we were better as friends; but we still talked to each other as if we were dating. Recently he told me he still liked me, and I told him I still liked him. After that, I saw him grinding at a dance with my friend. He told me honestly that he enjoyed it, but he didn't want me to be mad. Two nights ago, I kissed his friend. His friend told me to keep it on the down low, so I'm scared to tell my ex... But I kind of want to tell him as revenge (and to be honest) what do I do?


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  • Thats really immature. He is your ex and he is your friend. He is not with you and he has the right to do whatever he wants with other girls regardless of if you still like each other because as you said, your just friends. You don't need to hide that you kissed someone but to say it just to hurt him is f***ing cold.


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