Dated twice, we don't text each other as much anymore. Is he still interested?

Met this guy from Tinder. He super liked me. We used to talk for whole days before we met, he sent me everything he was doing, I even found him a bit annoying.

We really wanted to meet with each other, but because of the quarantine, we cannot hang out, so he came to my place. We liked each other so he stayed longer. He drank some beers so better that he didn't drive home, so he stayed over. I don't have a guest room, so we slept in the same bed. We cuddled, kissed, did everything but didn't have sex.

The next day he stayed until afternoon, also helped me with a document for an interview. After that he went back. And we kept texting.

He talked everything to me, and me too. I'm trying to find another job, so I always have a lot of stress these days.

Last weekend we had our second date. We had dinner together at my place, he kissed me in the couch, then left. After he arrived home he sent me some messages, but I was too sleepy so I didn't reply much. Since then, he never initiate again.

Yesterday I had a bottle of wine at home alone, so stressful because of the interviews, and began to text him, saying "Let's stop before it's late.". And I told him I like him more and more but he like me less and less. He didn't agree with that. He said we've seen each other 2 times, shouldn't rush things and we don't really know each other. And he said these days he didn't talk much it's because he missed his father who has passed away 6 month ago really much, these days he doesn't feel like to talk with people. He explained me a whole ton of shit, and said that I'm just too stressed out because of the interviews. BUT, I see he has changed his tinder descriptions, which means he's still active.

Guys, I like him so much. Do you think it's normal that during the first few weeks we text each other every minute, then no texts anymore? Bored of text? Do you think he's still interested in me?
Dated twice, we don't text each other as much anymore. Is he still interested?
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