Girls, Are sexual hints almost always a turn off when you meet a guy on a dating app?

*this for guys you are sorta interested in. He’s good looking but your not sure*

I learned a long time ago to keep sexual hints very faint when first chatting with a woman. Even if she brings it up first it’s dangerous to indulge in it too early.

I believe some women unfairly engage in this kind of talk to shit test the guy. They act like they enjoy it but deep down they get creeped out and will much less likely meet the guy in person

So unless the guys is funny as Ryan Reynolds there is a good chance you will screw it up if you talk to much about sex.

But on the flip side being too nice, overly friendly and having all platonic talk can be boring and one way ticket to the friend zone. It’s incredible that such a high percentage of women who go on dating apps actually believing guys are really okay with being “just friends”. Not straight guy is looking for a platonic relationship online unless he’s very religious and wants to go very slow. But even those guys want a intimate relationship at some point.

That doesn’t mean all guys are only looking for hook ups. I have gotten in three long term relationships (8 months to a year) from meeting women online.

But there has to romantic potential from the get go. Otherwise it’s a huge waste of time and defeats the purpose.

So if a girl is borderline it okay to throw a hint or two to remind her where you stand? I have been chatting with a much younger woman for 3 weeks. I didn’t bring up sex at all until last Saturday (told her she made my mouth water). This was after lots of convo earlier. She acted both excited but also stand offish.

She did straight ask me “are you just looking for a hook up?” I responded that I genuinely enjoy chatting but I was interested as well (true).

But I got a bad feeling it might be over. Why is being honest such a huge turn off for women?
Girls, Are sexual hints almost always a turn off when you meet a guy on a dating app?
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