Girls-Do you drop hints to let a guy know your interested in him?

My question is around dating and if you women give hints to men to ask you out. Not just that you are interested but actual hints to ask you out on a date. I ask because I think this may be happening with a woman I know but would like to hear from women themselves instead of speculating.

Are there certain little things you'll say to a guy that are supposed to say "hey I'm single and you should take me out."

Like would you bring up a movie you wanted to see in front of him, or a place you'd like to go hoping that he asked you there?

If so, how subtle or specific would you make your hint?


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  • Yes...I would bring up a movie I wanted to see or place I wanted to go in front of him...but make sure other signs are there to. Is she flirty with you? Does she laugh a lot at your jokes or comments? Does she touch your arm? (touching you is a big give away) If she says she would like to do something or see a movie tell her next time that you wanted to do that as well and then just ask her if she would like to do it with you. This is a perfect opening to ask her don't hesitate and just say it as you would say it to any friend.

    Go for it!

    • Well she does laugh at my jokes and comments but no touching, however this is a girl I know from work so I'm not sure if she would openly flirt in that environment. This is also why I want to be pretty sure that she has some interest before I go off and embarrass myself.

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    • Well this is what makes it tough. She works on my floor and I see her often around but we don't work directly at all so we never have any real reason to be around each other. If we see each other in passing we talk, and I have had conversations with her via the office instant messaging. I usually try to tease her or joke which she usually laughs or jokes back. But I don't know if that's enough to go on.

    • Sounds like you might have to just put yourself out there, if you are really interested. I would go for it. Girls love confidence in a guy. You don't have to make it like a date. Just say..." Oh I saw that movie you mentioned is up at so and so theater, would you like to catch it with me" It might be a little awkward at first if she is not anticipating an invite, but she will either say yes or no. The worst being no, but no harm or foul. Take a chance...go for it!

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  • If I really liked him I would suggest getting together only if we had been flirting and it was kinda appearent that he felt the same way, If I am not getting clear signs then I wouldn't ask and wait for him to suggest something.

  • I think I actually just say "I feel like going to --------, you should ask me if I will let you take me and if you ask nicely I might say yes" But I am not at all the 'normal girl.'


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