Is every straight male turned on by looks?

Okay so I am going on a first date in a couple of hours with someone I met on dating app. We didn't talk much but what I can tell is that he is attracted to women's brains more then looks, he said it himself and it's pretty obvious based off his info. So even though I think I am an interesting person with lots of topics on my side, I don't think I am that smart. I think he wishes to be seduced mentally, but I'm just not really used to that. I am however on the more attractive side, and I was raised so that women's best quality is her feminity. So I am very feminine and skilled in body language. And I want to show that trait to him too because I enjoy it (like getting dressed nicely, playing with my hair, legs crossing, eye contact, smile, seductive tone of voice, etc. etc.). Of course it's not the most important thing, but I do want him to think I'm pretty as much as interesting. Do you think this type of guy would notice my feminity, and would he like it even if that's not what turns him on the most? Or will my effort just be in vain?
Is every straight male turned on by looks?
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