Are you required to give your boyfriend or girlfriend money each time you get paid?

So for the past month, due to the pandemic my hours have been cut at work and my boyfriend hasn’t worked at all due to being laid off and considering that regardless of my hours being cut, causing my checks to be lower than usual, I still have to chip in on bills at home. I still stay with my parents. I also still need essential things especially being a girl. Soap, tampons, hair products etc I still have to pay my phone bill. I am just now able to get my feet and hair done after weeks of not being able to because of my hours at work decreasing and I haven’t been able to get things for my boyfriend like I use to do since I knew he wasn’t working. I would buy him soap, deodorant, pay his phone bill etc but I haven’t been able to do that for him and still have money for things I need. He still stays with his mom as well. I’ve been to his home plenty of times to know he isn’t totally out of those things but he’s been yelling at me about how I’m quick to spend up all of my money and not make sure he’s straight. He also has a Court date coming up and the court is in the far suburbs. I assumed he was gonna find a way out there on his own. Since he knows I can’t afford to get him out there. I don’t drive. I take lyfts everywhere and I could afford the Lyfts for myself but now for the both of us. I never planned on giving him money to get out there for his court date because like I said I have things I need and that need to be taken care of as well. He got upset with me again and excused me of purposely spending up all my money so that I can’t help him out.
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Are you required to give your boyfriend or girlfriend money each time you get paid?
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