Dating a Communist, Should I Break Up With Him?

I have recently found out I am in a relationship with a communist. After telling my friends, they told me I should dump him. However, I personally don't feel that I should dump him, but I know that my friends will continue to pester me on this matter.

As such, I want a second opinion on what others think.

I, personally, want to tell you some of his traits, in order to get a better picture of him, and to eliminate some prejudice on the matter.

Job/Financial Situation:

-He currently works in the field of accounting, making over 100k.

-He lives in a very small house.

-He gives away 60% of his paycheck to charity.


-Midrange Attractiveness, not ugly, not drop-dead gorgeous.

-Works out twice a week, fairly toned muscles


-Is a member of Mensa

-Works every other Friday at a soup kitchen.

-Some artistic ability, can replicate a decent picture of people's faces.

-Reads 2-5 books per month.

-Music tendencies vary, however, leans towards classical, piano music, and other. One song I could find is this: Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli

His views are communist, and as my friends state, this will lead me to an unhappy life.

Do you agree with them and believe I should break up with him, or should I continue and see how this goes?

Also, any thoughts/experiences with dating a communist.


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  • Come on... if anything, I'm sorry but I think you should break up with him because HE needs to be with someone smarter than YOU.

    You're going by what your friends think?

    He has very developed, mature (and in my opinion much needed) beliefs about the world... whereas you have none to counteract them, but rather would listen to your friends and people on the internet?

    What about YOUR thoughts about dating a communist? Do YOU agree with communism?

    I think you are not compattible with him if you not only do not share his socialist views, but don't seem to even have any of your own views but would rather place your friends as bastions of judgement.

    You don't even write why your friends think it will lead to an unhappy life. Your friends are clearly sheep who believe whatever the media tells them. Let me educate you: socialism means equal wealth distribution, but it can never truly be put into practice because human beings are so selfish and most governments that promoted communism/socialism ended up robbing the people blind. If your guy really makes that much and gives so much away he really is an exemplary human being.

    Our system is capitalistic and that's why our media and government demonized communism so much. Not because it's wrong, but because they want to promote capitalism.

    Get an education to think about the issue for yourself. This is an answer for you and you alone.


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  • lmao wth? I have many socialist beliefs and I'm a good person... Look what rampant unregulated capitalism does to the world.

    I-I don't know what else to say *sigh*

  • Socialist is much preferable to a capitalist. Look how rampant crapitalism has ruined this country.

  • You really ought to ask the man to discuss his views with you. Perhaps he understands some things better than your friends do.

  • I smell a troll. 60% of his paycheck to chairty AND works in a soup kitchen? No dude is this perfect. Even if he did exist, he wouldn't date such a fool.

  • Speaking as one I've had more than one relationship ruined because her mom or friends disagreed with what I thought about the world mind you I wouldn't bring it up unless they made me.

  • sounds more like a socialist than a communist!


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  • i think you're old enough to make your own decisions, no matter the opinion of others. being a communist is not a dumpable offence in my view. communism as a theory was brilliant, however in reality it was messed up by human greed. I assume your boyfriend doesn't kill people and generally make a violent nuisance of himself, unlike most communist leaders and their armies which could be where your friends' ideas lie.

    otherwise he could easily be a republican, a racist or a sexist and people can often do a u-turn on their beliefs with age and experience. he sounds like a good, clever, cultured chap all his good qualities are exemplary, but you don't list his faults so not possible to make unbiased comments.

    i say ignore your friends, you're the only one who knows how it feels when it's just you and him. could they be jealous, maybe. lastly, you don't mention what he's like in the sack?! that could sway opinions one way or the other.

  • So, what exactly is the problem?

    • Or more specifically, what about him do you think is going to lead you to an unhappy life and why do you care so much what your friends think?

  • lolol =)

  • What's so bad about being a communist/socialist?

    Seriously, get over this McCarthy sh*t, it's not like he is the enemy or something...