Polite rejection? playing games?

Friday I asked this girl out that was flirting with me for 2 months. Her response was “ohhh, yeah” kinda like she was caught off guard but then she mumbled she was busy that day but she didn’t offer another day so I ignored it. Friday morning I ask her if she still wanna go and she’s asking me where etc. I say you’ll know if u come and she blanks me. Then I see her 2 days later and she makes an off-hand comment saying “should of made it a better time” as she’s leaving.

So is she playing games? Confused? Using me? Why the comment to bait me into asking her again if she is just using me? She is still in love with her ex even tho he broke things off with her and continues to play her so that could be it.
Polite rejection? playing games?
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