Guys do you even notice if girls were something special for you?

Like if your girlriend weres lingerie a nice set which costs 拢20-30 the least you can do is compliment her in it aka your the sexiest woman/lady alive, you look so hot that all I wanna do is tear that right off you and fuck you now, I'm glad I'm the only one who gets to see you like this... Ya know something to say you appreciate it.

Okay... Rant over 馃

But seriously I went shopping with my mate before Christmas and she decided that for the first time in two years of dating she's going to do something special for him and we looked in several shops till she brought something that would have looked really good on her, and hopefully for him too. So I asked her how it went, and did he get flustered/hot for her and she said it was a waste of time he didn't even notice it was anything special 馃檮 she said she's never wore lace before, all her underwear is typically in packs so no fancy patterns or anything, and not one single comment even though she wore thongs and not girls boxers.

So guys (and girls) if your girlfriend gets dolled up in lingerie please please please say something about it, say you liked it or something along those lines. Makes me think there's no point in doing something similar for any future boyfriend I may have.
Guys do you even notice if girls were something special for you?
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