My girlfriend lied to me about her age...need help

We have been dating for the past year and a half and we have been very happy. We met around the time of her 18th birthday and I had been 18 for about 5 months. We grew close instantly. She has met some of my closest family members and dearest friends and all seemed to love her and embrace her. Things were going fantastic and the other night as we were taking a stroll through the park she stopped and burst into tears. I pressed to see what was wrong and she revealed to me that she was 15. I was shocked and furious and sad. I stood frozen and had no idea what to say. What should I do? Just run away as far as I can and ditch the person who I grew to love and embrace into my life? Or rough it out for two year in secrecy or what?


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  • I think youu should forgive her. When a girl meets a guy they really like they do anything they can to try and impress them. She probably thought that you wouldn't date her because of the age gap. Tell her you love her even tho she lied and even tho she is younger than you (If youu still do, that is) but make sure she knows that youu dnt want her lying to you again or your relationship won't work. I hope this helps xx


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  • Leave her alone, she's a child. If she lied to you about something as simple as her real age then what makes you think she can be trusted? I mean seriously let her go, it's not even worth doing time for! I'm sure there are more than enough LEGAL girls in your area to keep you company.


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  • Can you deal with it? She started off the relationship with a lie. There is so much she has not told you. Obviously she has some growing up to do. If she told you the truth at the time would you have forgotten about the age difference? If it were me I would sit her down and tell her that I really don't know who she is and advise her not to build a relationship on a foundation of lies. I would leave. Now, can you put that past you? Would you tell someone else to leave her or stay?

    Bottom line to me is that the two of you are at different stages in your lives and it will be an issue for more than a year or two.


    She's a lying ho

    For me, lying about her age is the number-one no-no!

    And in the future if you go out with anyone else,


    You could also "test" her buy taking her to 18+ (or 21+ when you reach that age) venues

    What state are you in? This is also important

    In my state, you would be OK because she's less than four years younger than you.

    • Personally, I don't think this is worth ending the relationship over. So what if she's younger than she said, she's still the same person you fell in love with, that doesn't change the fact that she lied to you, no, however, she could have gone on with the lie, but she chose to tell the truth to you even though she knew it could have destroyed everything. It takes guts to do that, and just think, what happens if that was you that lied about your age? If you really love her, brush it off.

    • Yeah, but in this case 15 is ILLEGAL

      He could get into serious trouble

      10 years in prison

      LIFETIME registration as a child predator

      will literally RUIN HIS LIFE

      and you just brush it off so callously?