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Why shouldn't you date single moms?

Personally dating single parents is just messy business from the get go. You have to care for a child/children who aren't yours. Provide for children who aren't yours. There is no guarantee that if you want kids yourself that she will want to do all again. Finally you also have to put with the dead beat and awkward ex who will draw the line at her doing anything fun with you.

So who should go out with them? Single dads is the answer... why? Because they have the same experience, they might or might not want kids themselves & Finally it just makes sense. Single guys who have no kids should not have to "settle" for that.

There is a old line that says "single mothers won't ever cheat or mess you around" If you think this you are kidding yourself. All women are the same. If they decide their attraction is low for you they will FIND your replacement. It is very much like the animal kingdom. The female wants a dominate, stable, sexy and successful mate. If you do match those qualities don't think she won't leave you.
Why shouldn't you date single moms?
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